February 23, 2011

Tip of the day—Check the date

Late last week, I made a trip across town to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up a soccer start pack for our daughter.  It is her first year playing soccer, and we needed the supplies because her first practice was the following day.  I played basketball in middle school and high school, and other than having really great friends in college who played soccer, I didn’t know what we needed and how much to expect it to cost.  Because I’m a member of the Dick’s Sporting Goods loyalty program, we had received a printable coupon in my inbox for $15/$50. 

After flagging down a person to help us (it was a busy evening for them) and asking a few teenagers who were shopping in the soccer section about gear, we finally decided on what to buy.  Then I did it.  I pulled out the fantastic coupon that was going to allow us to buy the soccer socks and shorts for free, and I realized it expired 3 days before.  I cringed.  How could I have failed to check the expiration date???  Not only had we driven across town but we really needed the supplies for the next day. 

I asked one of the clerks at the front of the store if there were any chance that they might honor the coupon.  I explained the situation and that it was my fault because I hadn’t looked more closely.  I think that he knew that I was genuine, and he said that they would honor it given the situation.  I can’t tell you how grateful I was and how relieved! 

Two morals of this story--

1.  Always read your coupons well. Check the expiration dates and any exclusions or conditions made in the fine print.

2.  If you have an expired coupon, you can ask a clerk or manager if they will honor it.  Not all stores will honor expired coupons but some are happy to do so.  I’m not sure what Dick’s corporate stance is on this and can only say what happened in my experience.  I will add that I left a happy customer.  I was a little grumpy that I had to find someone to help me when I entered the store, but the customer service I received after that point left me with a good feeling about the store and workers.  While I understand that not all stores can honor expired coupons and I NEVER recommend that someone try and take advantage when a store is willing to do so, I think that stores come out ahead when they take the coupons.  I’m much more likely to visit that store again when we need any sporting goods because of the care I received there last week.

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  1. I'm so glad they honored it. So many stores won't. I find also that several chain stores won't honor printed from computer coupons, it made me sick when I got my list together, had my coupons in order, filled my buggy full of my choosen items..only to get to register, have items rung up...to be told, "we don't honor those". Bummer, I almost left the whole buggy sitting there with all the items in it. Waste of my time and money. So it is wise to ask first. Hard lesson learned. I know Piggy Wiggly won't and Dollar General Store won't, unless they come from their Web site.
    My Grands play soccer, I love it.