February 10, 2011

Tip of the day—Check your receipt

I often remind you all of this tip because even I forget to check  my receipt every now and again.  About 1 in 5 trips to the store I catch an error on my receipt—sometimes a product rang up for the wrong amount, I forgot to give the cashier one of the coupons, the coupons stuck together and not all were cashed in, or too many coupons were redeemed. 

Yesterday, the last one was the case.  I had two orders for the church and a small order for us.  I gave the cashier all of the coupons from the church, and I had meant to ask her to try one of the coupons to see which one worked.  (The Ball Park franks coupons had two options, and I wasn’t sure if I bought the right one to use the larger coupon).  When I checked the receipt before leaving the store, I realized what I had done and talked to one of the customer service reps about the mistake.   Even if you are the one making the mistake, it is important to check in at the customer service counter. It is a little thing called honesty.  ;)

I recommend that you move your grocery cart to the side after you have paid and checking the receipt before you leave the store.  This saves the extra step of having to come back in the store to fix any problems that you find.  Also remember that some stores have a scan right promise.  If you catch an error, you might get the product for FREE!

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