February 14, 2011

Tip of the day—Compare New vs Used

Last week I was in a local used book store that sells videos, audio books, and CDs as well as all kinds of books.  While I waited my order for resale to be completed, I browsed the shelves.  I always watch for deals on Veggie Tales DVDs since our entire family likes to watch them.  I found some that were priced at a little over $10.  The previous day, I was in Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore and had priced some of the same DVDs that were brand new for $9.99.  Obviously, I decided to wait and buy the DVD new when I go by that store next.

  • Knowing your price points is a smart shopping skill, whether you are shopping for canned foods or DVDs. 
  • I’m sure many of you will say that I probably could get the DVD for a little less money online, but I like the idea of patronizing local businesses.  Just because there is a deal online doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be cheaper, either.  The Christian bookstore I mentioned is fantastic about sending out coupons in the mail and having great sales on their products. 

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