February 24, 2011

Tip of the day—Dates on circulars

If you are choosing the clipless couponing method, then this tip is for you.  If you get behind on dating and filing your coupon circulars, look on the binder of the circular.  It should have the date of publication and the newspaper with which it was published there. 

Not sure what the clipless method is?  I prefer this method because I use so many coupon circulars each week couponing for us, my dad, and our church.  If I were to cut out every coupon in the paper, I would be swimming in coupons from week to week.  Instead, I look through the circular and cut out only the ones that I know for sure I will use.  Then I file the coupon inserts under date.  When I look through matchups at blogs like Southern Savers, I hone in on the deals that are good buys.  In those matchups, she tells you what week and insert to find the coupons, and I cut the coupons I need at that point.  If I need to buy something that week and a deal is not noted in the matchup, I go to Taylor Town Preview and search the master list for a coupon I need.  I use a variation of the clipless method since I do a little preliminary clipping.  Others file the circulars and do not clip until they are making their grocery list and searching through the matchups.

As with anything, do what works for you.  I have many couponing friends who prefer to cut every single coupon and file them in their binders.  Try both ways and see what is easiest for you and your family.

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  1. Interesting. I cut them and put them in a metal holder that has tabs for certain products. I go through it every time I go food shopping.