February 8, 2011

Tip of the day—Library Services

Below are a few ways that I use the library to save money:

  • If I’m interested in purchasing a reference book, such as a cookbook or other resource, I first check it out of the library.  When I checked Nourishing Traditions out of the library 3 times, I knew that it was time to buy the book to have at the house.  Sometimes though, you’ll open a book, and it will be nothing like you thought it would be. 
  • Borrow it instead of buying.  Children’s books, audio books, DVDs, CDs, and all other books are readily available in our library system.  I can rent an audio book at Cracker Barrel when we are travelling for a few dollars each week and I may or may not get a title that we like.  Or, I can check books out of the library before our trip for free.
  • Make it easy on yourself.  I browse titles online and have them sent to the library branch that is closest to where we live.  This saves a lot of time because all I have to do is pick up the books when I get there. 
  • Free programs. When our daughter was young we went to storytime at the library once a week.  We made great friends there, and she enjoyed herself more than you can imagine.  Some libraries offer free movie time, coupon classes, sewing circles, book clubs, and computer classes.  Go to your county’s public library website to find out more about what is offered there.
  • Instead of going back home when I am a little early for an appointment or to pick up our daughter from school, I drop into the library.  It is a nice quiet place to do some paperwork or just sit and flip through a magazine.  It saves a little gas money.
  • In the heat of the summer months when we are trying to avoid running the AC full blast, we’ll go and spend a few hours at the library.  Our daughter enjoys reading the books with me and playing with the puzzles.  I enjoy relaxing with a book or magazine.  You can do the same when it is cold and you are trying to avoid running the heat all day long.
  • For older kids, it is a good place to do some homework.  Many libraries offer quiet rooms or sections at which to study.  These are great places for children to do homework.  When I was tutoring children when I was younger, I found that those with ADHD were much more able to focus on the homework at the library because there were much less distractions in the environment.

What other ways do you use library services to save money?  If you haven’t done it in a while, thank your librarian.  These folks are hardworking, caring people who help to make our community a better place.


  1. What great ideas! I hadn't thought about dropping in the library when your waiting on something! Thanks for sharing...

  2. What a great post Gabe! So appreciated by this librarian! :)

  3. I thought you'd like that Miss Julie!! ;) Thanks for all you do!