February 3, 2011

Tip of the day—Use a splatter guard

From time to time on this blog you’ll see a tip reminding you to wear an apron when cooking.  If you’ve not yet gathered by now, I am a bit of a klutz.  I tend to spill things and drop things, and I can’t tell you how many pieces of clothing that I have ruined with stains. 

As I type this (it is Wednesday night when I’m scheduling this post) I’m looking at my shirt.  When I sautéed the chicken for the children’s program at church, I did use an apron, but I failed to use a splatter guard.  The olive oil from the pan dotted my shirt with at least a hundred little spots that may or may not come out when treated and cleaned.  While I’m hoping that they do come out in the wash, chances are that I’ve ruined yet another shirt.  (I’m not blessed with the art of stain removal).  Had I only thought ahead and used a splatter guard, which I do own, I would have saved myself the trouble of having to treat laundry and the heartache of seeing a good shirt turn into one I use only when working in the garden.  Lesson learned—next time use an apron and a splatter guard!

So—anyone have any tips for stain removal for me???? ;)


  1. Oh... I have the same problem.. I use a combination of Watkins products. Watkins Degreaser and Organic Cleaner. Have you ever heard of Watkins products? They sell a ton of spices, extracts, cleaning products. I combine both the degreaser and organic cleaner in a spray bottle and then apply it to the stain and let it sit for atleast 2 hours. Usually the stains are gone. You can find the link to Watkins online on my website on the right side. They are famous for their vanilla and cinnamon. I was a rep since 1996 up until just this past December when I gave up the membership because I simply didn't have the time to do the parties, etc.. But, I still order from them all the time as a customer. Good luck.

  2. Welcome to the Land of Klutzville. I also can 'read' my shirt and tell what I've cooked for the day. I treat first with Shout and while still wet I dab on Oxyclean (I think I spelled the correctly) and rub it in. I more often than not have good luck with that combination.