February 21, 2011

Welcome WATE Watchers!

14069117_BG1 Welcome to all of you who are stopping by from WATE!  If you’d like to read more of my tips and thoughts on generics, you can go to this post for more information.  Last year our family saved a little over $4000 on groceries by using coupons, opting for generics when we didn’t have coupons for products we needed, and smart shopping strategies.  I hope that you’ll find some of the tips and techniques on this blog helpful to you and your family!

As WATE mentioned at the end of the article, The Second Annual Knoxville Coupon Fair is taking place this weekend at Faith UMC on Saturday, Feb. 26th from 9am-12pm.  Admission is free and childcare is provided.  For more information, you can view the frequently asked questions post.  I hope you’ll join us!

To get you started stretching your dollars, I suggest looking under the “Saving $” tab that you’ll find on the top of the blog.  There you’ll find information on how to shop smart at the grocery store, saving money on organics, meal planning, stockpiling and many other savvy shopping tools.  You can also look under the “Ways to Save” label on the left hand column of the blog where you’ll find even more tips. 

I welcome your feedback and any sales or coupon information you’d like to share with other readers.  You can e-mail me by using the link that I’ve provided, and I welcome your comments.  You can also find Couponing in Critical Times on Facebook.

Thanks for dropping in!  I hope to see you again soon!

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