March 28, 2011

Meal Planning, Week of 3/28

Remember that the meals are for a three person family, and we factor the cost of the meal when I first make it.  Leftovers, therefore, will say $0 beside them.  We usually dine with my dad or other friends or family at least once a week.


Last week I switched a few meals around and made the chicken poppyseed casserole on Saturday.  I poached 2 packages of chicken breasts and reserved some for this meal.

Pasta with herbs, asparagus, and green onions from the garden, chicken, lemon and olive oil

Approximate cost--$0.50

Ways I saved on this meal—The pasta was free after coupon and Mega Event at Kroger.  The herbs, onions, and asparagus are free from the garden.  The chicken is leftover, and therefore doesn’t count into the cost of this meal.  The lemons were some that I bought from Aldi for our daughter’s birthday earlier in the month that I need to use.  The olive oil was bought at Sam’s in a large container.  I like loose pasta dishes like this because they are delicious and super easy. 



There will most likely be plenty of pasta left, and we’ll eat it again tonight if so.  If not, the plan is below:

Salmon Patties

Saffron Rice

Carrots (Copper Pennies)

Approximate cost--$5

Ways I saved on this meal—The rice was bought on sale with coupons.  Making your own salmon patties is a cinch, and if you haven’t ever done so, I recommend it.  Just do a quick search online for a recipe (I’ll try and make note of the exact measurements so that I can post, too.  Dishes like these when made at home rarely have the exact same ingredients in them).  I make homemade tarter sauce, too (bit of mayo, lemon juice and zest, capers, green onions minced, a bit of dill).  The carrots are cooked with a little honey or molasses and butter.  I caught a good deal on organic carrots when I was last at Super Target.



On Wednesday nights when the kids are in school, I make the meals for the children's program at church. 

Tonight is PJ night, and the kids will be having breakfast for supper.  Pancakes will be on the menu!

Approximate cost--$0, from church budget

Ways I saved on this meal—The pancake mix was part of a past Mega Event Sale, and we had coupons.  It was under $1 for each box.  The syrup was donated by a church member.  The apple juice was from Old Orchard and bought with the BOGO Facebook coupon that was recently released.  I’ll try and pick up some fresh fruit at the store to make the meal a little healthier. 



Chopped steak, rice, gravy

Green beans

Pickled beets

Approximate cost--$5

Ways I saved on this meal—The rice and green beans were some that I bought on sale at Kroger. We recently purchased 1/8 of a cow with friends, and the price per pound came out to be $3.10—a huge savings for pastured, organically grown beef!  If we have any shitakes by that time, I’ll add them to the gravy with some of our onions.  The beets were ones that I made last summer.



We’ll be going out to eat with friends after a school function

Approximate cost--$0, from the entertainment budget

Ways I saved on this meal—We try not to dine out very often.  When we do we try to use coupons or split meals to save money.  Tonight we’ll be enjoying Mexican food.  To save money, I’ll split my meal with our daughter.



Today is scheduled to be a busy day, and so I planned something super easy to enjoy for supper.

Omelet with ham from the freezer, onions and asparagus from the garden, bell peppers from the freezer

Berries with sweetened sour cream

Approximate cost--$3

Ways I saved on this meal—Depending on how fast we use the last of the eggs that a friend gave me, the eggs for the omelet will either be farm fresh or from Three Rivers (TN Valley Farms).  The ham was some leftover from New Year’s that I froze.  The onions are some that were leftover from a recent church function that I froze to keep them from wasting.  The bell peppers were some I froze late last year from the home garden, and the asparagus are currently sprouting.  I’ll add a bit of cheese to the omelet, which I bought on sale with coupon.  The berries are some we picked last summer and froze.  I’ll do a little American take on crème fresh, and mix sour cream with a little honey.  The tangy sweet taste makes the berries a little more complex in flavor.  If I get the time, I’ll make some homemade biscuits, but if not, the omelet and berries will be plenty.



I call this a “nosh meal”, and I’ll probably be making this type of meal a little more often.  It is easy, everyone is happy, and it is inexpensive.

Pepperoni slices

Boiled eggs

Banana Burritos (bananas wrapped in a tortilla with a bit of honey and sliced crosswise)


Home canned peaches

Carrot sticks and dip

Approximate cost--$2.50

Ways I saved on this meal—The pepperoni slices were only 50cts a pack after coupon and sale at Kroger.  The Triscuits were free when I won the of Kroger Instant Win Game.  See above for the note on the eggs.  The peaches were bought from a local farm and canned in the summer.  The dip was free after coupon and sale. I mentioned finding a deal on organic carrots at Target above.  The tortillas are some leftover from our daughter’s party that I bought with a Mission Tortilla for $1/1.  The bananas will most likely be picked up at Aldi, since they have really good prices per pound for them.  The peanut butter was some that I bought on sale at Three Rivers Market recently—a great price for organic!

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