March 17, 2011

My trip to Kroger and a tip for buying large quantities

banner_logo_header I went to Kroger for the second time this week trying to score some of the free pasta.  When I went the first time, it was completely sold out.  Today, I spent 28cts, saved $20 (98.61% savings!). If it weren't for sales tax, it would have been free. Don’t you just love coupons??

When I arrived, I asked if the pasta was back in stock. The manager told me that a lady had just arrived and pulled all of what they had off of the shelf.  They restocked the shelves three times, and she bought every one that they had.  The manager said that if you are going to need that many it is helpful to them if you come in early in the week and place an order.  I had no idea you could even do that!  I asked her permission to post the tip to the blog, and she said that I could.  What a great idea!!  She said that they need the UPC numbers for what you want to purchase and the quantity. 

I placed a large order for the church, and we should be well stocked in pasta for VBS!  Like I’ve said many times before, I completely believe the miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes because I see it happen almost every time I shop for the church.  When I make a purchase for the church, it will be tax free, and we’ll have a huge amount of pasta for completely free!  God provides!

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