March 9, 2011

Tip of the day—Chick-fil-a Tips

Since our daughter’s favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-a, I thought I’d share some tips we’ve learned to get the most bang for your buck there. 

  • Buy the calendar!  It is well worth the money.  You receive something free each month.  Ask your local restaurant if they still have any available to buy.
  • I learned from another CFA patron that if you prefer another item from the one that you have a coupon, many managers will allow you to get another item that is equal or lesser in value than the one on your coupon. 
  • Opt for the kids meal.  The kids meals are bigger than you think.  If you are dining in the restaurant, you’ll receive free drink refills, too. 
  • Exchange the toy for ice cream if you like.  If you or your child order a kids meal, you can exchange the toy for an ice cream for dessert.
  • Sign up as a Facebook fan for your local store or stores.  Often individual stores will run deals and bargains.  Some of our local CFA’s in the Knoxville area have a calendar on their Facebook page that shows when you can get free items or discounts with purchases. 
  • Sign up for their birthday club.  You’ll receive a free sandwich coupon in the mail on the week of your birthday. 
  • Use the playground when it is a rainy or cold day.  We like meeting up with friends at CFA for playdates.  The mommas get to sit and chat while the kiddos burn off some energy and get some exercise.  I’m more relaxed at the end of the day, and our daughter always goes straight to sleep when it is bedtime!
  • Want to cut some sugar?  Opt for half and half tea.  I like tea…a lot.  I am trying to cut out some sugar, though, and one CFA clerk recommended half sweet, half unsweetened tea to me once.  Perfect!  Now I do this at other restaurants when buying tea. 


  1. Great tips! My favorite drink at CFA is half sweet tea and half diet lemonade. Still half the calories, but super yummy. For your readers in Blount County the Hunter's Crossing CFA is having a box top promotional event tomorrow morning. We'll definitely be there!

  2. Excellent tips! We love chick fil A. Also, most stores accept expired coupons so even ones from last year they usually take.