March 14, 2011

Tip of the day—Children’s Birthday Gifts

It looks like Christmas morning at our house today.  Our daughter had 20 friends at her birthday party yesterday, and we came home with a truckload of gifts.  (We became a little carried away with how many kids we invited—lesson learned—but it was fun!)  So many gifts can get a little unruly and so a long time ago we started the 2 gift rule.  When she was very young, we would pull out two of her new gifts or books for her to play with each week.  Now that she is a little older it is closer to 2 gifts per day.  She seems to enjoy the new things a little more and the playtime with those new things is more special.  It also keeps the clutter down.  She finds a new home for the toys in her room rather than them being piled all in a clump somewhere around the house. 

I have another friend who doesn’t let the kids open the gifts at the party.  She makes note of this in the invite so that everyone will be aware.  They pack all of the gifts up, and each week her child opens one of them.  They call or write the friend a thank you note when opening.  It prolongs the birthday experience for them, and they talk about how great it is. 

Since I’m the kind of gal that really, really likes to watch the child open the gift we gave him or her, I prefer to let the children open the gifts at the party.  Three years ago, we started letting our daughter open her gifts as the guests arrive.  This makes writing individualized thank you notes pretty hard, but it gives her a little one-on-one time with each of her friends.  We try to have some sort of activity that the children can play when they arrive so that they don’t all have to sit and watch her open each gift unless they want to. 

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  1. Since my kids are getting older (tweens)most people tend to give the mmoney in a card. I nomrally just tell everyone to give them the card as they arrive that way like you said they get some time with them. This year we are really scaling down and not doing big parties. My sister actually had her girls choose a project and one of my nieces did a boy vs girl food drive for her party instead of gifts! I just thought that was so awesome!