March 16, 2011

Tip of the day—Disney

We are by no means experts on Disney travel.  We are planning a trip there this summer, and I’ve found a few resources that I thought might be helpful to you.

First off, Couponing to Disney has a great tutorial on Disney.  She gives information about the most popular rides and little tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your trip.  If you don’t go anywhere else, I highly recommend checking her info out and taking notes.

The next site that you want to stop at, other than the Disney World site of course, is There you will find more information about the pros and cons of various resorts, meal plans, restaurants, etc. 

The last site is DISBoards.  There you will find reader reviews of the resorts and people’s opinions about various aspects of the Disney experience.  What I liked about this site was finding information on how long you’ll wait for buses from the resorts—that information helped us to decide upon which resort we wanted to choose.

We are AAA members.  Hubby and I spent a while deciding upon which resort, which meal plan, who many days we wanted to be there, and which special dining experiences we wanted to book.  I worked up the price online at Disney and then phoned AAA.  When I booked through them, we saved a little over $200!  This price savings more than made up for the cost of membership per year with AAA.

Note that if you want to book a special dining experience, do so well in advance of your travel dates.  The Cinderella Banquet was completely booked, but we were still able to get in for the Luau and the Princess Storybook Breakfast.

What about you?  Do you have any special Disney tips to share with me or other readers?  I’d love to learn from your past experiences!


  1. We took our 2 boys Dec 09 and are going back for a surprise trip Oct 11. One thing that helped us out was we bought the boys each a Disney Gift card from Walgreens with their souvenir money on it so they knew when it was gone it was gone. I am a picture freak and i knew i wanted to buy the cd from the photo pass, but i found out if you keep up with your dining photo times and where you where at they can add those to your cd instead of paying $24.99 each! You can also buy your cd for 30 days after you get home, just make sure you have everything combined and added before you leave the parks. Tammy

  2. What great tips! Thanks Tammy!