March 19, 2011

Tip of the day—Forget your coupons?

I learned this trick years ago from a Kroger employee.  If you realize that you forgot to use a coupon after you complete your transaction, you can bring your receipt and the coupon to the customer service desk for reimbursement.  This works even when you forgot it at home and return the following week.  On Thursday I was cleaning out my purse (cue hysterical laughter from my friends who are reading who know what a mess my purse always is!) and found a catalina coupon that I had forgotten to use when I was in Kroger the previous day.  When I returned on Friday to hunt for some more Ronzoni pasta, I brought the catalina, my receipt, and my Kroger Plus card to the service desk.  In a few minutes I had a $1.50 in my hand!  Don’t you just love coupons??

I’m not sure if this policy applies to all Kroger stores or other grocery chains, but it is definitely worth the trouble of asking if you forgot to use a coupon or two.  Remember, be ethical.  Don’t abuse policies like this or groceries will stop having them. 

Every little bit helps!  Happy Couponing!

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