March 10, 2011

Tip of the day—Just ask

My aunt reminded me of one of my favorite shopping tips—don’t be afraid to ask for a discount.  Yesterday she was shopping at the outlet malls in Sevier Co.  She found her favorite perfume, but the package was damaged.  She asked for a discount and immediately received 15% off.  My dad’s drug store reading glasses had broken, and while she was in Walgreens, she decided to look for a new pair for him.  On the top of the rack there were some that were a mess.  They had a spill on them but were the color and lens type that he wanted.  She asked the manager for a discount.  Not only did he clean them up for her, but he also gave them to her for half of the price. 

She said, “People are scared to ask for a discount,” but the worst thing that can happen is that they tell you no.  I’m not suggesting you be dishonest or rude.  If a product is damaged or very near expiration, the store is usually happy to discount the product and make the sale rather than it sit there and go to waste. 

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