March 2, 2011

Tip of the day—Sign up for birthday clubs and rewards programs

I encourage you to look for rewards programs whenever you are in stores.  Our daughter’s birthday is next week, and she is signed up for the Toys ‘R Us birthday club.  She received a $3/$3 coupon and a $5/$25 coupon in the mail this week.  Since we are having a fiesta themed party, we decided to drop in and see if we could find a piñata.  We found a great deal on a piñata, Dora stickers and paper bags that were clearance priced, and picked up another gift.  The same type of piñata and supplies at Party City, the other store which we had priced, would have been twice the amount of money we spent thanks to the sales and coupons. 

While shopping yesterday, I learned of two more rewards programs at stores we were visiting, both of which I had never knew existed.  I often encourage you to ask if stores accept competitor’s coupons when checking out, and now I also encourage you to ask if the store has any type of free rewards program or birthday club.  Every little bit you save helps!

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