March 17, 2011

Tip of the day—Take advantage of Kids Eat Free

Last night, Hubby, daughter, and I loaded up in the car and headed to our local McAlister’s restaurant.  Wednesday nights are Kids Eat Free nights there.  We also had a coupon for a free supper with a punch card that we had completed AND a coupon for a free tea with entree purchase from the school coupon book.  The ticket looked like this:

Daughter’s meal—FREE with Kids Night
Hubby’s meal—cost $7.50 before tax—it was FREE with the supper club punch card
My meal--$6.00
Tea—FREE with the purchase of my meal
Plus we earned another punch on our supper club card with the purchase of my meal!

Notice that they took the more expensive entree off of our ticket instead of the cheaper one, like most restaurants would have.  Love that!  I had a free drink that I’d picked up earlier in the day from Chick-fil-a when we were at the mall, and we all ate for only $6 and added taxes.  Not only that, but they had a craft table for the kids.  Our daughter took so much joy in making a shamrock seed pot while we waited for our meal to arrive!

At other restaurants, we usually have Hubby and I split and entree and Daughter gets hers free.  Since she rarely eats the entire portion, we usually have leftovers to bring home for another meal. 

Do you like Kids Eat Free nights?  What are ways that you work these discounts to get the most bang for your buck?

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