March 30, 2011

Walgreens Friends and Family Sale—15% off on 3/31

Tomorrow is the day to shop at Wags! You’ll score 15% off for all purchases or 20% off of Walgreens brand items.  I’ve had problems with counting coupons before—just make sure you go to the cosmetics counter to check out (or the photo counter, though it is usually slower) and to give them this coupon FIRST!!  I haven’t made it into Wags yet this week, and now I’m glad that I waited!


  1. Glad I waited too; I'm going tomorrow but I didn't see many good deals this week. What's your deal scenario?

  2. The main thing that I'm excited about is the snickers eggs. I have a lot of coupons from the church and a few printable coupons. I plan to stock up for the Easter Egg hunt that we host for the community. One congregation member shared that for many of the kids it is the only Easter celebration or Easter treats that they will have this year, and that just hit me. I know it isn't organic or fair trade, but I'll also be supplying some Yummy Earth lollipops to sort of counterbalance it. ;)