April 25, 2011

Curbside Recycling Knoxville—Have you signed up yet?

We signed up this week, and I’m so looking forward to the program.  It will make recycling a cinch for so many people!

COKRecycling_HouseholdButton The City of Knoxville introduces a Simple to Use Household Curbside Recycling program!  The details from their website:

  • No sorting by type of recyclable item - all recyclables go into the recycle cart together.
  • Cart provided by the City of Knoxville and will be delivered to your house in September of this year. The cart is on wheels to make it easy for you to roll it to the curb.
  • Pick up at your curb - household recyclables will be picked up curbside every other week. The pick-up service will begin in October of this year.
  • 75 - 80% of household garbage in Knoxville can be recycled! Do Your Part with the Cart Brochure [PDF]
  • No additional cost to you as a resident of the City of Knoxville with household garbage collection service. The City's initial curbside recycling program will be offered to the first 20,000 households that sign up. This new service is funded in part by a grant from the Federal government and through recommended cost saving measures to the City's overall solid waste program.
  • RecycleBank is a rewards program that provides you with discounts on goods and services based on the pounds of materials you recycle.
  • Households in the City limits of Knoxville that receive weekly garbage collection are eligible for the program. Apartments of more than four units are not eligible for this program but may continue to use the drop centers for their recycling needs.
  • Residents in the Central Business Improvement District (CBID) will have single stream location options and do not need to sign up for the program. Details will be communicated by the City and the CBID.

Sign up today to be a part of the City's initial 20,000 households enrolled in the new curbside recycling program.

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