April 23, 2011

Eggs are Eggcellent!

DSC_9621 Couldn’t resist the pun!  Spring is the season for eggs—hens are laying and Easter is here!  Below are some great recipes and some helpful tips about eggs.

  • I wrote this post as I was starting to blog and it contains information about farm fresh eggs, how to boil the perfect egg, and a recipe for Egg and Caper Salad.  The salad recipe is a great way to use leftover eggs next week.
  • If you are hosting a brunch, you might also want to check out this post which gives my recipe for quiche.
  • If you have any extra eggs, you might want to try this recipe for Eggs and Rice.  Our family eats it for breakfast, lunch or dinner--yum!
  • If you want a nice dessert to serve with Easter this year, try this recipe for cream cheese pound cake.  You won’t want to use any other pound cake recipe after you try this one!
  • Last but not least, is this fantastic recipe for lemon curd. I’m practically drooling thinking about it. 

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