April 28, 2011

FREE Better Oats at Kroger

better oats I just picked up some of these this week at Kroger for the food pantry because they were a great price ($1 each), and I was super excited to see this coupon from Money Saving Maine-iac:

Head over to the Better Oats Facebook page and under the 'special offers' tab you will have access to a $1.00/1 Better Oats coupon. 

They will be free after coupon! These are in the cutest boxes near the other instant oatmeal packages.  Thanks Teresa!


  1. I heard that kroger is no longer accepting coupons for more than 75% an items value is this true?

  2. I've heard mixed reports. Some Kroger stores are and some aren't. If you ever have a question about a coupon, I recommend that you ask the customer service desk to be sure before you get to the cashier. You might could even call your local store to check. The frustrating thing about the Kroger coupon policy is that different stores are doing different things. I've heard of stores across town not accepting certain coupons or not letting you use coupons with manager mark downs, while other stores happily accept them.

    I know that isn't definitive info, and I encourage you to talk to your local store to double check. Don't try to slide it by the cashier if you know your store won't accept it. It is a great coupon, and if you don't use it at Kroger, you could probably find these at Super Target or Walmart.

    Thanks for the question, as I hope it will help others.

    Have a great weekend!