April 19, 2011

Great deal on cheese at Kroger in Farragut!

jarlsbert A friend of mine, Jessi, shot me an email today to tell y’all about a great deal on cheese at the Kroger in Farragut:

Just ran across a good deal your blog readers might be interested in. The Farragut Kroger is phasing in a new cheese distributor in May, and as part of the contract they have to sell off all of their stock to make room for the new products. As a result their current stock is being discounted by about 50%, making for some good deals on many of the gourmet cheeses. Much of the marked down cheese doesn't expire until the Fall. There are $1 off printables for Jarlsberg out there that make it even cheaper. Just thought I'd pass that along :).

Now would be a great time to stock up on cheese if you are in that area of town!  Thanks again, Jessi!

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