April 4, 2011

Meal Planning, Week of 4/4

Remember that the meals are for a three person family, and we factor the cost of the meal when I first make it.  Leftovers, therefore, will say $0 beside them.  We usually dine with my dad or other friends or family at least once a week.


My dad smoked a brisket yesterday, and gave us some to enjoy.  We’ll eat those leftovers.

Homemade Potato Salad

Cooked carrots

Approximate cost--$3

Ways I saved on this meal—The potato salad is a little more detailed of a recipe than I usually make.  My dad wanted us to come over for lunch yesterday, and since our daughter was still sick, I sent Hubby over to enjoy the meal.  When I asked my dad what I could bring, he asked for potato salad, as it is his favorite of the recipes that I make for him.  The organic carrots are ones I bought in a large bag at Three Rivers Market with a 10% discount during their birthday sale.



Baked Organic Chicken Drumsticks

Annie’s Mac and Cheese

Either Sautéed spinach or Spinach Salad, depending on how the family votes

Approximate cost--$6

Ways I saved on this meal—I buy the organic chicken at Kroger whenever I catch a mark down or sale.  Even at full price they usually don’t run more than $4 a pack for the drumsticks.  The Annie’s was bought with a case discount at Three Rivers Market a few weeks ago when on sale.  I also had coupons, which made the deal even sweeter.  I picked up a huge box of organic spinach at Three Rivers on Friday when they were offering 10% off purchases.  If we use it as a salad, I also have some Annie’s dressing that I bought on sale with coupon.  I’ll add a few carrots (these were “bought” free at TRM at their birthday sale) and some green onions from the garden.



On Wednesday nights when the kids are in school, I make the meals for the children's program at church. 

Pasta Bake—pasta, sauce, topped with cheese and baked in the oven for approx 15-20 minutes.

Approximate cost--$0, from church budget

Ways I saved on this meal—The pasta was free after coupon and sale at Kroger.  The sauces were each $1 after coupon and sale at Kroger.  The cheese was bought with coupon.


Thursday-repeat from last week (I used leftovers instead of making this meal)

Chopped steak, rice, gravy

Green beans

Pickled beets

Approximate cost--$5

Ways I saved on this meal—The rice and green beans were some that I bought on sale at Kroger. We recently purchased 1/8 of a cow with friends, and the price per pound came out to be $3.10—a huge savings for pastured, organically grown beef!  If we have any shitakes by that time, I’ll add them to the gravy with some of our onions.  The beets were ones that I made last summer.



Daughter was watching a cooking show with me the other day on Create, and the chef was making a quiche.  Our daughter asked, “What is a quiche Momma?”  When I described it, she said, “Oh, I bet that won’t be good.”  I explained that it is one of my favorite foods, and I would make her one so that she knew what it was like.  Tonight is the night!

Spring vegetable quiche


Approximate cost--$4

Ways I saved on this meal—The veggies will be from the garden (asparagus, any shitakes that are ready to pick, green onions, and microgreens—ok, “microgreens” is just a fancy way of saying the spinach, bok choy, and broccoli that I pick to thin the plants).  The eggs are some that our neighbor gave us for free.  Her sister now has a dozen eggs each day from her chickens, and she shared with us.  I’ll see what the price is for Gruyere, and if it is outrageous, I’ll stick with a good quality sharp cheddar instead.  I’ll make the pie crust from scratch, and I’ll pour the cream off of our Cruze Dairy Farm milk for the mixture.  I’ll see what fruit looks good at the grocery.  If push comes to shove, I’ll just use some berries from the freezer with a bit of honey sweetened sour cream on top. 



We’ll either have leftovers from the last few days or make a baked potato bar for a simple supper (baked potatoes with all of the fixings for each person to top as they please—cheese, sour cream, butter, veggies, green onions, salsa, etc)

Or, we might go out to eat if there are any good restaurant deals that I find.

Approximate cost--$0-$4 (dining out comes out of a different part of our family budget)

Ways I saved on this meal—The baked potatoes were bought in bulk for a price discount. 



Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, and celery

Rice and gravy from the pot roast

Cobbler for dessert

Approximate cost--$9

Ways I saved on this meal—As mentioned above, we recently purchased 1/8 of a cow with friends, and the price per pound came out to be $3.10—a huge savings for pastured, organically grown beef!  There was a time when we would rarely eat beef, and I’ve noticed that we are eating much more now.  I guess that has its pros and cons, but it is making Hubby very happy!  Rice was bought in bulk with discount at Three Rivers MarketCobbler for dessert is a super simple recipe—see the link for details.  I’ll use some of the berries from last summer’s pickings in it.

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