April 13, 2011

Swap 2 Save Coupon Swap—May 5th

188139_138396236232485_4621925_n Mark your calendars!  The next meeting for the coupon swap hosted at Wallace Memorial Church is set for Thursday, May 5th from 5:30 - 8:00pm in the second floor classrooms 247-249. I didn’t make it to the last swap, but I heard that it was a lot of fun!  Lisa has set up a Facebook Page that you can “Like” to stay up-to-date on all of the swap information.  She adds,

And please remember, this is a "drop in" type group, you DO NOT have to arrive at 5:30 or stay until 8:00. We'd love for you to hang out and fellowship, but if you find what you need and have to run....that's just fine! The only requirement is that you bring your clipped coupons and a smile :-) Spread the word!

Unfortunately I’ll be out of town at a conference on this date, and I’ll miss out again.  :( I’ll try and drop off some coupons to Lisa for those who attend to enjoy, though! If any of you are able to make it, I’d love to see some photos!!

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