April 28, 2011

Tip of the day—Are your flashlights where you can find them?

A few days ago, our area had a quick and violent storm roll through, and yesterday afternoon through the night we had another batch of torrential storms with multiple tornadoes.  Earlier in the week my dad was without power for approximately 7 hours, and I think it caught him a little off guard.  He phoned me late at night asking if I knew where he had put his flashlights.  He had the light from his cell phone and had been looking around the house trying to find a flashlight with batteries that worked.  He finally found one, but I spent a good chunk of time worrying that he would fall in the dark and hurt himself.

So, as part of emergency preparedness, do you know where your flashlights are?  Do they have batteries that work?  If they are solar powered or crank run, are you charging them periodically?  Make a habit of putting the flashlights back in the same place after each use so that they are where you can easily find them. 

I hope that all of you made it through the storms without any problems.  We spent a good chunk of last night in the downstairs bathroom hunkered down.  We’re fine and other than some limbs down we don’t seem to have any major damage. 

Be safe!

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