April 22, 2011

Tip of the day—Happy Earth Day!

Between now and the next Earth Day, I encourage you and your family to think of one big step you can take to lower your carbon footprint.  Most of the tips up until this point haven’t required much if any out of pocket expense.  The ideas below will, but they might save you more money in the long run on your energy bills:

  • Switch to a low flow toilet
  • Switch to a tankless water heater
  • Replace some or all of the windows in your home with new ones
  • Replace drafty doors with new ones
  • Caulk around windows and doors
  • Add more insulation to your home
  • Have a home energy audit—these usually cost money but there are some programs that give you tax incentives to perform them
  • When it is time to change out appliances, pick the ones with the best energy ratings
  • Switch showerheads to high pressure/low flow options
  • Put your electronics, such as your entertainment center, on power strips so that you can turn the entire system off with a single switch
  • If you have the ability, consider whether or not solar panels or wind turbines would be beneficial for you
  • Add a rain barrel or two to your home
  • When it is time to change out your roofing, speak with contractors about the best choices in your area for energy savings.  Many people in our area are switching to metal roofing for this reason
  • Change your thermostat to a programmable model

What other steps have you taken?  What other ideas do you have for readers?  Be sure to include them in the comments section.

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. This is Amanda from the Metal Roofing Alliance. Thank you for this great article with a wonderful message. You're right. Most people use Earth Day to plant a tree or more consciously recycle. While good and meaningful efforts - taking that "next step" and dedicating you and your family to a truly green project is a great way to save in the long-run. We have lots of saving tips at www.metalroofing.com. Thank you again!