April 14, 2011

Tip of the day—Paper

The tips of the day now through Earth Day are focusing on environmental stewardship.  Below are some eco-friendly tips that relate to paper.

  • Couponers use a lot of paper printing coupons.  One way to reduce paper waste is to make sure that you use as much of the paper as possible.  Whenever possible print more than one coupon at a time so that three or four are printed on the paper instead of just one.  If you only print one coupon, you can cut the bottom of the page and feed it back through the printer so that another coupon can print on that part.  Reuse paper and print on the other side.  Note that I have a friend who said that Kroger wouldn’t take her printed coupons because there was other type on the back of the page.  I haven’t had this problem, but you might want to ask your store before you print in this way.
  • Use scraps of papers instead of sticky notes. 
  • Cut off clean parts of scrap paper and give it to children for their art. 
  • Buy recycled paper as much as you can. The more people who do this, the more widely available post-consumer recycled products will be.  I have not found that there is a significant difference in price.  You’ll even find wrapping paper that is recycled now!
  • For small pieces of paper, save them for confetti. 
  • Reuse tissue paper from gifts. I have a friend who even irons it!  I don’t go that far, but I do try to keep the better pieces of paper for future gifts.
  • When shopping at stores, use cloth bags instead of paper or plastic.  Whenever I do receive a paper bag, I save it for another use.  Clean paper bags are great for dredging chicken or fish (just pop your breading into the bag, add your chicken or fish, fold over the top and shake). 


  • Reuse as packing material.
  • Add strips of it to your compost pile for your “brown” material.
  • Make a paper mache art project with your kids.
  • I keep a few papers in the car for when I pick up plants. I put down a few layers of paper to keep the car from getting dirt all over it. 
  • Add a thick layer of newspaper to an area where you don’t want weeds.  Cover with a thick layer of mulch. 
  • Reuse the funny papers for wrapping kids presents.  Have a friend who is an investor?  Wrap their presents with the NYSE stats.

Any other ideas I missed for reducing paper waste?

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