April 17, 2011

Tip of the day—Reuse items

Below are a few ways that we reuse everyday items.  Even if you recycle, try and find a way to reuse the item at least once before it goes in the recycling bin. 

  • We use old toothbrushes for cleaning grout and hard to reach places.
  • Old salsa jars when clean are perfect for storing beans or dehydrated foods.
  • Plastic takeout containers are great for giving friends and family a meal when sick.  They won’t have to worry about getting you the container back and can recycle it at their home.
  • We try to avoid getting kiddie cups when at restaurants, but every so often the server will bring them anyway.  When this happens we save the plastic cups, wash them, and bring them to the church to use for the Wednesday night kids meal.  We don’t have to buy disposable glasses, and it saves money and waste.
  • Old socks become dusters, old t-shirts become bags, old towels are used for cleaning the dog, old sweaters can be turned into pillows—you get the picture.  Find ways to reuse scrap cloths around the house.
  • If we happen to get any plastic bags from the grocery (I try to bring my own bags but this happens every now and again), I reuse them as liners for small trash cans.  To make a marbling pattern on a wall, I’ve also used the bags scrunched together and dipped into paint. The bag becomes your paintbrush. 
  • “Disposable” pie pans have all sorts of uses.  Our daughter loves having them outside to make mud pies.  When I was younger, we would hang the pie pans and use them for target practice (yes, I did just say target practice.  I was a little Annie Oakley when younger). 
  • Wash your zip top baggies and reuse them.  These are perfect for travel—sorting jewelry, keeping a day worth of clothes separated, storing make-up.

I could go on and on.  What about you?  What are your favorite products to reuse before they go into the bin?

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  1. I use reusable snack and sandwich bags for my kiddos lunches. It's a great way to stop using and wasting plastic baggies. I rarely use a plastic bag these days. Check out MonkeyMooAndG.etsy.com for some cute bags.