April 24, 2011

Weekly Matchups and Deals, 4/24-2/30

Remember while shopping this week to watch for Easter items clearance priced.  You might want to pick up a few Easter toys, plastic eggs, and other goodies to store for next year.  You might also find some pastel wrapping and plain baskets on sale that you could use for gift bags and baskets later in the year.  Let us know if you spot any really great deals!

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Co-op Advantage Stores/Three Rivers Market through 4/26Organic butter is one of the better deals this time around


Best deals for this month for Earth Fare

target frugal mom blogger  columbus ohio

Target—I was pretty disappointed last week.  Almost all of the freebies on the list were either priced higher at the Target I went to or out of stock.  Bummer!  I guess that happens every so often, though.  I didn’t see anything that really stood out on the list this week at Target—what about you?

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Kroger  I’ll be sure to pick up some free Crest this week for the food pantry.  Remember that if you have an abundance of it, food pantries are usually more than happy to accept the donation.  Also free clinics, such as our local Interfaith Health Clinic, and homeless and women’s shelters accept it.advantage_card

Ingles—Quite a few freebies this week!


Walgreens I went to 3 stores, trying to find the Splenda last week for my dad.  The store in Maryville didn’t even carry that size box.  Has anyone been able to find this in stock around town?



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