May 9, 2011

Independence Day Update, 5/9

DSC_5633 We participate in Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge.  Even though she isn’t posting these updates in a while, I really like the format for a weekly review. 

The weather turned cold for a few days this week, and we even had a late frost!  The basil wasn’t too happy with the frost, but most of our other plants seem to have not been affected too much.  This weekend was sunny and beautiful!

The news from West TN is ominous.  Though the skies have been clear, the river is rising and is expected to crest later this week.  My cousin and her new husband live right off of the Mississippi in downtown Memphis, and we are praying that their home will not be flooded.  Parts of the river are running backwards, something that hasn’t happened since a major earthquake during the last century.  Please keep people all along the river in your thoughts and prayers, as many will have their lives forever changed.

Faith UMC, my home church, is sponsoring a donation drive for those in East TN affected by the recent tornados and storms that blew through.  Please see this post for details on how to make donations.  I will also keep you posted as to what the needs are in West TN.  I have many family and friends in that area of the state, and as I learn of specific families in need, I’m hoping to post information on how to help.

Plant—I finally planted some horseradish!  I’ve been wanting and meaning to for a few years now.  One of my closest friends had some in her yard that she was willing to share, and I made my way over this weekend to pick it up.  She gave me a flat full of extra plants that she had seeded—6 marigolds, forget-me-nots, basil, garlic chives, Peace Vine tomato, Brandywine tomatoes, pimento peppers, and another kind of pepper (can’t remember what it was).  I planted the garlic chives and will work on getting the rest into the ground in the next couple of days.  For Mother’s Day, my daughter gave me a packet of seeds wrapped in a handkerchief that she had dyed, almost looking like a batik fabric.  We added those seeds to the cutting garden.

Planted to date--

Super Sugar Snap Peas, 7 tomatoes (brandywine, grape, Early Girl, Better Boy), Choko Baby bok choy, One Kilo Chinese cabbage, 4 eggplant, Blue Lake Pole Beans, Christmas Lima Beans, Kestral Baby Beets, Touchstone Gold Beets, Chioggia Beets, Bull’s Blood Beets, Waltham 29 Broccoli, Rouge d’Hiver Romaine Lettuce, Matina Sweet Butterhead Lettuce, Galia Melon, Gooligan White Baby Pumpkin, Gourmet Rainbow Radish Mix, Gigante Inverno Spinach, Cavili Zucchini Squash, Milano Black Zucchini Squash, Supersett Yellow Crookneck squash, Sweet Beauty Watermelon, Marketmore cucumber, Genovese Basil, dill, flat leaf parsley, Jenny Lind melons, Butternut Squash, Garlic (planted in the fall), yellow and red onions, 8 bell peppers, 6 jalapeno peppers, 4 cabbage plants, 4 broccoli plants, daylilies, surprise lilies, sedum, 4 o’clocks, hollyhocks, red cockscomb, moonflower, zinnias, sunflower mix, marigold, butterfly flower garden seed mix, thyme, chives, carrots, coriander, horseradish, garlic chives.

Harvest—We have been harvesting salad greens in full force.  I am thinning crops like bok choy, radish, and beet and using those leaves in salads, along with the spinach and romaine we are picking.  The butterhead lettuce should be ready to pick today, and I’ll plan to add it to our salad for supper.  We delight in picking handfuls of radishes whenever out in the garden. 

Preserve—I can’t think of anything that I preserved this week.

Waste Not/Reduce Waste—  I mentioned the seedlings that a friend passed my way.  Whatever I don’t use, I’ll bring to the church to share with friends there.  I made a trip to Nashville for a convention.  Whenever in a hotel and traveling, it can be very easy to leave the lights on, waste paper, and not recycle.  I knew that before heading out, and I tried to be conscious of my use.  For me, at least, part of the process of reducing waste is to become more aware of my consumption.

Want Not/Prep/Storage—I bought a few things for the church this week at Kroger, namely another 16 boxes of pasta.  My pantry is full, my dad’s pantry is full, and though the church already has about 60 boxes there, I know we will find a use for them. 

Building Community Food Systems—We attended the farmers market down on Market Square on Saturday, and it was PACKED!  It was opening day, and I can imagine that there were more people there in part because of that.  I also went later in the day because of our daughter’s soccer game.  I didn’t find that I enjoyed it as much—I was rushed for time, there were crowds of people, Hubby and daughter stayed in the car because we couldn’t find a parking place, etc.  I’m hoping that we are able to arrive earlier in the day now that the soccer season is over, and I can lazily stroll the aisles of vendors and chat with friends as I normally would have. 

I placed an order with Frontier with friends, and I stocked up on some things for the summer months. 

A friend gave us some more eggs, and Hubby and daughter picked them up while I was away in Nashville.  Have I mentioned lately how nice it is to have good eggs in the house?  YUMMY!

I brought a meal to a friend who recently had a baby.  It was so good to see such a little sweet soul!

Eat the Food—I have a cousin who travels most of the year, as he is in the insurance industry.  As I ate hotel food at the convention and suffered subsequent upset stomachs, I found myself feeling for him and what it would be like to dine out so often.  Returning home I so enjoyed fresh food—my dad’s seafood gumbo, salad straight from the garden, homemade banana bread, and a lovely quiche.

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