May 24, 2011

Kroger Fuel Points—4x with gift card purchase!

banner_logo_header I’m just now catching up on the deals for the week and was so happy to see this one from Knoxville Mamabelle:

In case you missed the news--Kroger is again having a 4X the fuel points on gift card purchases event! Purchase gift cards to places you frequent in $50 increments and receive 200 fuel points for each $50 spent. I am definitely going to take advantage of this one!
Offer is good now through June 18, 2011.

We have quite a few birthdays that take place this summer, and I look forward to picking up easy gifts that they will love AND earning 4x the points at the same time!  Thanks Isha for this great tip!!!!

To learn more about the Kroger fuel points and ways to save on gasoline, check out this post that I wrote earlier in the year.


  1. I was just at Kroger and I thought I saw Visa gift cards. Could I buy one of those, get the 4X fuel points and then use it to pay for my groceries or gas or just use it in place of my debit card? If that would work, then I could get the fuel points without spending any more than I would normally and I might enjoy the challenge of seeing how long I could make the gift card last for gas etc. What do you think?

  2. The last time they ran this deal, the extra fuel points were only for certain gift cards. You might ask your store manager which ones apply, as I haven't made it into the store yet this week to ask our manager if the deal applies to all cards or only select ones.

    If it does apply to Kroger cards, I would suggest buying one as soon as you walk into the store, then shopping, and paying with that Kroger card when you run your transaction.


  3. That's what I did yesterday---went to the counter to get a Kroger gift card---but I was told the fuel points didn't apply. I assumed the others were for restaurants etc so didn't give it much more thought until I saw the Visa and Mastercard gift cards at the checkout. I'll ask about those next time I'm there.