May 17, 2011

Making the Drive-in Even More Fun!

 drive in Drive-in movies were wonderful treats for our family when our daughter was a baby. We were not ready to leave her with a baby-sitter, and she was too young to be in the theater with us. The drive in theater allowed us to spend time as a family, get our movie fix, and not have to worry about every little cry from her. We still enjoy going for a double feature and letting her crawl into a sleeping bag in the back of the car while we watch the late night flick.  Drive-ins can be fun, inexpensive, and a full-fledged experience if you do a little prep work.  Below are a few tips and ideas to help you make the most out of your night out.

Some tips to make the drive in extra fun:

  • Pack a small radio. The theaters have their sound on radios. While not necessary, a radio can make hearing the sound a little easier.
  • Get there early, very early. If you want a decent parking spot, get to the gates a little before they open. They fill up very fast.
  • Pack a cooler. We enjoy packing a full supper in a cooler. The cooler can serve as a table for drinks.
  • Since you are there early, bring some things to do. A soft ball to throw back and forth, cards for the parents, and toys for the kids all make the waiting go a little faster.
  • Most people these days at the drive-in sit outside of their vehicles to watch the show. Bring a few camp chairs to make things more comfortable.
  • Bring a few blankets that you don't mind getting dirty. The night air, even during the hottest part of summer, gets a little cool.
  • Pack bug spray and sunscreen.
  • Expect a late night. The theaters usually have at least two movies per night--the first being more family appropriate and the second one for when the children are asleep. While you do not have to stay for both movies, we usually try to find a night when both movies are ones we have been wanting to view.
  • Bring friends.  It is fun to go with a few car loads of people, get spaces next to one another and make a night of it. 
If you are in the East Tennessee area, check out this site for details on the Blue Moon Theaters drive-in. You can sign up for their e-newsletter to receive updates on movies playing each week.  Have fun!

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