May 9, 2011

Meal Planning, Week of 5/9

This meal plan is for a family of 3.  We often have at least one friend or family member over to share a meal with us during the week.  Since I factor the cost of the meal when I first prepare it, leftovers will be marked as $0.  When we dine out, it comes from a different part of the family budget and those expenses will also show $0.



Tonight we’ll enjoy the leftovers from Mother’s Day. 

Approximate cost--$0

Ways I saved on this meal—Cook once, eat twice.  We’ll often cook extra food with the plan to eat it again at another meal.  Tonight we’ll use leftover steak from Mother’s Day with salad from the garden, adding a little feta from the farmers market to make it extra special.



Eggs Florentine

Toast with or without jam, depending on the person

Fruit, maybe strawberries if I can make a trip to the pick-your-own farm

Approximate cost--$2

Ways I saved on this meal—The eggs were given to us by a friend who has chickens, the spinach will be from the garden, the cheese is some that I bought for free with coupon.  I hope to make it out to the strawberry patch so that I can make up another batch or two of jam.  If I do, the berries are less than $2 for a pound.  We continue to thin the radishes in the garden and might add a few of them on the side as another vegetable.



A friend and I will prepare the meal for the children at church tonight.  We’ll make pasta bake—whole wheat pasta, marinara, with cheese on top.

Approximate cost--$0, from the church budget

Ways I saved on this meal—The pasta is free from Kroger as part of the Mega Event.  I’ll pick up some of the Ragu no sugar added that is also a part of the sale.  I have a couple of coupons for Kroger cheese, and I’ll price compare to see what is the best deal.  I learned my lesson and will NEVER buy Walmart brand cheese again.  I used their new coupon policy to get cheese for free last time, and it didn’t melt.  UGH!



Veggie soup from the freezer

Cheese quesadillas

Approximate cost--$3

Ways I saved on this meal—The soup is a leftover and made mostly with veggies that I preserved from our garden last year and picked from our garden this year.  I’ll add veggies from the garden to a few of the quesadillas and make others plain cheese so that everyone can try something different.



Freschetta Pizza

Carrot and celery sticks with any radishes and sugar snap peas from the garden

Approximate cost--$3

Ways I saved on this meal—The pizza is part of the Mega Event sale at Kroger, and I have a $2 off Facebook coupon that I’ll use to bring the cost down to around $2.50. 



We’ll enjoy supper out tonight. 

Approximate cost--$0

Ways I saved on this meal—Meals out at restaurants come from another part of the family budget.


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