May 2, 2011

Meal Planning, Week of May 2

This meal plan is for a family of 3.  We often have at least one friend or family member over to share a meal with us during the week.  Since I factor the cost of the meal when I first prepare it, leftovers will be marked as $0.  When we dine out, it comes from a different part of the family budget and those expenses will also show $0.




Salad greens from the garden dressed with olive oil and vinegar

Approximate cost--$4

Ways I saved on this meal—I’ll use veggies from the garden in the quiche with ham that I froze from Easter dinner.  The beauty of this meal is that I make 2 quiches and have one in the freezer for when I need an easy meal at a later time.


DSC_0351 Tuesday

Sausage and homemade biscuits (and of course we’ll have to have some of the homemade strawberry jam with them!)



Approximate cost--$5

Ways I saved on this meal—The biscuits aren’t hard to make at all, and our daughter likes to help pick out different shaped cookie cutters to use for the biscuits.  Isn’t a bunny shaped biscuit so much more delicious than a regular round one??  The sausage is some that I bought for Easter and didn’t use.  I’ll pick out whatever fruit looks good when at the market or grocery.  The grits are some we bought a few weeks ago at the farmers market, and they are really wonderful!



I’ll be out of town at a conference.  Hubby and daughter will eat at Kid Konnection at church, and I’ll have a free meal out.

Approximate cost--$0

Ways I saved on this meal—Out of the church budget. 


DSC_1108  Thursday

Hubby is in charge of supper on this night.  This usually means that we’ll enjoy pancakes, which is a nice treat every so often.

Approximate cost--$2

Ways I saved on this meal—We mill our own wheat at home, which drastically reduces the cost of this meal.  We eat peanut butter and maple syrup on top of our pancakes.  The organic pb was bought on sale with a coupon at Three Rivers Market, and the organic maple syrup was bought in bulk online.



Lamb roast with veggies. 

Approximate cost--$8

Ways I saved on this meal—We purchased 1/2 of a lamb with friends from a farmer friend late last year.  By doing it this way, the cost per pound is around $6. I’ll use carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes and some herbs and cook the roast at very low heat for a long time.  Easy!



Most likely the trip to the farmers market in the morning will inspire whatever I prepare for supper.  I’ll plan on a veggie meal and budget for $8-$10.  I don’t know that we’ll use that entire amount, given that we also have food being harvested in our home garden, but that’s what I’ll estimate at this point.

Approximate cost--$8-$10

Ways I saved on this meal—One of my favorite things about farmers markets is the inspiration that I get to cook.  What could be more tantalizing than beautiful, fresh foods?  Because I could go crazy and overspend at the market, I like to go with cash and a budget in mind.  This keeps me from overspending and encourages me to think about what meals I’ll make with the foods that I purchase.



Mother’s Day 

Hubby is going to grill some steaks and make whatever side dishes strike his fancy for our meal.  I have the day off.

Approximate cost--$10-$15, depending on what he actually makes

Ways I saved on this meal—We aren’t doing holidays big this year so that we are saving money for our trip to Disney, which is coming up in a few weeks.  Truth be told, I’d rather have a relaxing day at home, not having to cook or clean as my gift than a meal at a crowded restaurant with a long wait. 

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