May 27, 2011

Tip of the day—Compare Prices

Yesterday I had to make a quick run to Kroger for a couple of things we needed.  The cashier thought that I must have something wrong with me because I didn’t use a single coupon!  I didn’t save much money on the trip, and I was buying things mainly because we needed them (milk, bread, a few veggies, chicken).  Remember that in my stockpiling tip post, I recommended that you get in the habit of buying things ahead of time instead of being at the mercy of the grocery store prices when you need something.  My trip yesterday is a perfect illustration of why it is important to do that, but it isn’t the main purpose of today’s tip. 

When I was purchasing a half gallon of organic milk, which we very much needed, I looked at all of the options.  None were cheaper than $3.19!!!!  There weren’t any that could be marked down, and our daughter had been asking for milk since we returned home from Disney.  I knew that I wouldn’t make it to the farmers market until Saturday, and I would have to buy it then if we wanted it.  The price at the grocery store for organic milk was a little MORE than the price for organic, locally grown, pastured milk at the farmers market!  Which do you think I’d rather buy—milk that has been shipped across the country and sat in the refrigerator after being ultra pasteurized or milk that came from a cow just a day or two before and was raised by some of the sweetest people you’ll ever know?  Hmmmm, really tough choice. 

Often when I tell frugal friends in my life to shop at the farmers market, they say that they won’t because things are more expensive at the grocery.  I just don’t find that to be the case in every situation.  Milk is a great example, and you can bet I’ll be stocking up on it when I go on Saturday!  I hope you’ll make trips to your local farmers market as part of your weekly shopping and stock up on good deals when you see them.  You’ll have better tasting food, and you’ll be supporting local farmers!

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