May 29, 2011

Tip of the day—Freebies

DSC_5760I don’t sign up for every freebie that is out there, and even still, look at what greeted me when I returned home from our Disney trip!  FREE sparkling grape juice from R.W. Knudsen, FREE sample of Folgers coffee, FREE sample of cereal through Vocalpoint, FREE sample of Purex plus Zout, FREE Zone bar, FREE Pro Plan Roasted Slices coupon, and coupons from Kroger, Huggies, Smart Toys and Books, and Wok Hay. 

How do I find freebies? 

  • Check out the Walmart website about one time a week.  Usually they refresh their freebies pretty frequently.  Search “free samples” and you’ll find the spot.  Watch for coupon links that are usually posted with the freebies.
  • Sign up at All You for the free sample newsletter.  Each day you’ll receive a link to a freebie.  Also on their site you’ll find printable coupons, some exclusive only to All You.
  • Vocalpoint and Kraft First Taste are two of my favorite sites for receiving access to full sized freebies.  Both have free sign up, and the more you participate in their surveys, polls, and webpage the more likely you will be to receive free offers.
  • “Like” just about any product, restaurant, or store on Facebook that you can ever imagine wanting to patronize.  Facebook has become the new place for companies to introduce their products to the public.  Unfortunately, you won’t see me post many Facebook freebies because they are usually so limited that as soon as they go live they are out in a matter of minutes.  I’ve experienced the frustration that comes with wasting your time waiting for a freebie to no avail.  Sometimes companies make more of the product giveaways available, and when I learn of these, I try to post them on the blog. 
  • Watch the blogs.  I so appreciate each of you visiting this blog.  I encourage you to also check other bloggers’ sites for freebies and deals.   Check the “Links” tab on my blog for some of my favorites.  Right now, I’m finding Hip2Save and Mojo Savings updating their sites most frequently with freebies. 
  • There are some “freebie” sites.  I learned through Money Saving Mom that these are not always reviewed carefully.  Sometimes the links that they post are SPAM harvesting sites (doesn’t that sound like something out of a Sci-Fi novel???)  Be careful what you sign up for.   My rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  I once signed up for a “free” baby blanket only to learn that it was a SPAM harvesting site, and my email was bombarded with junk mail for the next month!

Tips on freebies:

  • Remember that it carries an environmental impact.  I try to only sign up for freebies that I’m truly interested in trying.  If the freebie is in the form of a coupon that will be mailed to me, I try to choose that option. 
  • Use a separate email account only for freebies.  If you happen to sign up for a freebie and your email address is sold, the SPAM will only go to that account. 
  • Use a separate Facebook account only for freebies.  Often Facebook freebies want to access your personal information and/or post on your wall.  I joke that I don’t have any friends because on Facebook I only have the CICT page and on my personal account I don’t have any Facebook friends for this reason.
  • Watch for freebies everywhere.  Sometimes you’ll find them at doctor’s offices, drugstores, shops, and even restaurants. 

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