May 9, 2011

Tip of the day—Know your evacuation route

My cousin in West TN sent me a map this morning of where their home is in relationship to the possible flood zone along the Mississippi river in downtown Memphis.  Thankfully, she is aware of all of the possible evacuation routes and has had time to move furniture and important belongings to a safe place.  She has plenty of food and water in case they are caught off guard and unable to evacuate.  She’s a smart cookie and is ready for whatever happens in the next few days.

All of this made me think about evacuation routes and emergency preparedness.  If you and your family had to leave your home quickly, do you know all possible evacuation routes?  Drive around your neighborhood and become familiar with alternate routes in case some of the main thoroughfares are blocked or impassible.  Have a map handy in your car of the local area and state to aid you if necessary.

1 comment:

  1. Great tip! Unfortunately there is just pretty much one way in and one way out for us! Kind of scary when you think about it!