May 11, 2011

Tip of the day—Kudos

If you are local and visit the Chick-fil-a on Clinton Hwy, then you probably already know about Caleb.  He’s a relatively young adult and is one of the best workers I’ve ever seen.  He’s polite, helpful, and goes out of his way to give the best possible customer service that he can.  Just step back and watch the way that he interacts with not only the guests but his co-workers, and you’ll see that this guy is going to go far in life. 

Isn’t it fantastic when you see someone like that?  Doesn’t it restore your faith in humanity and our country’s work ethic?  Well, it does for me.  A few times when I’ve been in the store, I’ve said as much not only to Caleb but to the managers that were on shift.  Today, I started the morning by phoning the toll free Chick-fil-a number (1-866-232-2040) to make sure that the higher-ups would also know about the excellence that he puts into his work. 

Today, I challenge you to do something similar.  If you have a good experience at a store or restaurant, make sure to let the person know.  Let their boss or manager of the store know about the service you received, and if you can, phone the regional manager or national customer service line.  You never know what difference it may make in the life of that person.  I certainly hope that it reinforces the work that Caleb is doing! 


  1. Recently I had reserved a cookbook online from the library. The book was already being lent out and when it came back, it had water damage. The library's automatic e-mail went out to me letting me know that the book was in. A very kind librarian called me to let me know that the book was damaged and I should not come in to pick up the book. She would put me back on waiting list. I told her that I was only really only interested in one recipe and could she copy it for me. She looked through the book but said that the recipe I was looking for was not in this cookbook. I said that I must have been mistaken and it was in a different cookbook by the same author. She said she would look into it and that was that. When I went to the library a few days later, I found that she had found the correct cookbook on the shelves and put it in the hold section for me. I was really happy. I was too busy at the time but the next day I called her to thank her. I then asked to speak to her supervisor and commended her for being so attentive to my needs.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when someone goes out of their way to be helpful?? Great story, Frayda. Thanks for sharing it with me!