May 25, 2011

Tip of the day—Lipstick

I don’t feel dressed until I’m wearing my lipstick.  If you are like me, some of the tips below might help to save you a little money on your lip rouge:

  • Get a lipstick brush!  When the tube of lipstick reaches the point where you can no longer apply it easily, use the brush to keep the remaining lipstick from wasting.
  • I choose to use good lipstick instead of the stuff from the drugstore.  I had too many experiences with picking wrong colors, and I find that a good tube of lipstick lasts a little longer when applied.  And, yes, I know that there are some great sales on it with coupons at drugstores.  I just had too many tubes go to waste.  Try a few samples and bring them home so that you can try them in different lights and with a few different outfits before investing in a full tube.
  • Pick a light shade and a dark shade.  You’ll have a more dramatic look, a fresher look, and when you mix the two, you’ll have a completely different color.  You can do the same by purchasing a lighter shade of lip gloss.
  • If you use a lip liner, you can use this trick to make your lips look fuller.  Line the entire lip then fill in the corners of the bottom and top lip.  Add your lipstick and then a dot of gloss to the center of the lip.  Blend as needed.  By leaving the center of the lip unlined, you’ll highlight this portion of the lip and thereby make it look fuller.  It is a makeup trick that my aunt taught me years ago (she does print work and is an actress, and she’s never steered me wrong!)
  • Since I choose to purchase name brand lipstick, I try to wait until there is a bonus buy of some sort.  Mary Kay, with whom I most often purchase, usually run sales incentives like a free brush set or a free lotion set with purchase relatively often.  By waiting and buying when those deals are on, I get a little extra freebie.

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