May 3, 2011

Tip of the day—Make copies!

Recently I was completing some government paperwork, and I failed to make a copy of one of the pages that I mailed as part of the application.  A few weeks later I received a follow up letter asking for more information on that page.  Cue sigh of frustration.  If I had only made a photocopy of each and every page that I had mailed, it would have saved me hours of time, not to mention loads of energy. 

Learn from my mistake and make copies of everything you sign and everything that you even think you might have to follow up with later.  If you have a home scanner, scan copies into your computer to reduce paper usage. 

1 comment:

  1. Speaking of making copies, the offer at UPS & Mailboxes for the Second Harvest donation of $5.00 with the copy card $10.00 is a grrreat idea to help those in need, but the black and white copy machines at the UPS & Mailboxes on Tazewell Pike do not work always, I have received half sheets copies instead of the letter size copy and does it ever do any good to tell the customer service clerk when this happens? This happened a few weeks ago and since then the machines have started making copies the right size, but for how long? A Fountain City resident.