May 20, 2011

Tip of the day—Vacation Planning Tips, Part 7

Planning for your vacation is only part of the work.  You also need to plan for what happens to your house, pet and gardens while away. 

  • Put a hold on your mail and newspaper so that it doesn’t pile up while you are gone.
  • Put your lights on a timer so that the house doesn’t seem vacant.
  • Have a friend or relative drive by and check on things while you are gone.
  • We prefer to have our dog kenneled while away so that we don’t worry about him getting lost or hurt.  When on our honeymoon, we had a cat die, and that experience taught us that you can’t be too careful with your pets.  The lady who trained our dog is like a step mom to him, and he enjoys going out to her farm and playing while we are away.  He isn’t cooped up in a small cage, and we don’t have to worry about him digging out of a friend’s fence.  We know he’s safe, and that is worth the extra cost.
  • Barter services with a friend.  I have some good friends who will water our gardens while we are away, and I will do the same for them when they are gone. 
  • Don’t broadcast when you are leaving if your house is going to be empty.  Luckily we have family members who help to keep our house when we are away, and we do the same for them. 
  • Do a run-through before you leave and make sure all appliances are turned off and unplugged.  Make sure you lock the doors and turn on the alarm.  Make sure you put away any items that would be in plain sight and tempting for a burglar.  Don’t leave your keys under door mats or obvious places.

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