May 23, 2011

Window Works, a review

ww I haven’t posted a review on the blog in a while, and I’m so happy to be posting this one. 

My dad needed some replacement windows for his place.  A certain someone in the family who shall remain nameless kicked a soccer ball into one of the windows, breaking the storm glass and thus moving up the timeline for replacing the windows.  We phoned two companies—Champion and Window World—to receive quotes, in addition to looking online for companies and prices. 

The Champion guy was absolutely amazing.  We’ve worked with Champion before, and I’ve been very pleased with what they do.  The gentleman was polite, helpful, prompt, and he doted on my dad, which gave him extra points in my book.  The price quote, however, was not as fantastic.  It wasn’t in the ballpark of the budget, and unfortunately, we couldn’t work with them.  Let me be clear that I really like the Champion company, and my experience with them overall is quite good.  In this circumstance, it boiled down to dollars and cents.

Then we phoned Window World, a company that advertises with Dave Ramsey.  The rep came out to the house, measured the windows, and then it was like pulling teeth to get a quote out of him.  After over 4 calls to try and get the quote, I gave up, frustrated and frankly angry.  I decided that if they weren’t reliable enough to phone me back, then I didn’t want to think about how they would work with us when it was time to do the work.  It could have just been the person with whom I was working, but I wasn’t going to risk it with such a big job.

We were just about ready to put the windows in ourselves.  My dad was in the construction business and knew he had the know-how.  However, none of us were looking forward to how big the job was going to be.  In a last minute hope that someone could save us from that task, I phoned my friend Allison Oaks of Platinum Realty Group.  I trust Allison and have always found her advice to be on-the-money.  She spoke very highly of Mr. Chris Moon of Window Works and said that their prices are much lower than the other guys. 

As soon as I got off of the phone with her, I called Mr. Moon, and every praise that she had noted was true.  He went to my dad’s and measured the windows himself, giving us a quote almost immediately that was MUCH, MUCH lower than others.  We were happy to order the windows from them!

Within a few weeks, the windows were installed.  My dad’s house is an older home, and the windows were a little cantankerous to remove.  Yet, the guys were professional, polite, and worked quickly.  My dad worked on construction sites for most of his life, and I’ve heard him more than once complain about people not having a strong work ethic, being sloppy, or not being punctual.  Not the case with these workers—for at least 15 minutes my dad went on and on about all of the things that had impressed him about their work.  The finished product looks great, and he is already noticing the house being much cooler than it was before.

If you are in the Knoxville area and in need of windows, you might want to check out Window Works for a price quote.  Our experience was nothing but good, and I feel confident that yours will be as well.  The Window Works website that is on their card is for Alside, which I’m guessing is their parent company.  To contact them directly, see the information below. 

Window Works(865) 560-3044 155 Sherway Rd, Knoxville, TN 37922

NOTE—I do not have any ownership in the Window Works company and am not related to any of their employees or owners.  My dad was a customer of theirs and my review is based on that experience.   I try to support local businesses whenever possible, and I hope that reading this review will give you a glimpse into what you might experience with this company. 

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