June 16, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese—Savings, Coupons, FREE Tokens

skee_ball_ticket If you are a frequenter to Chuck E. Cheese, I recommend that you sign up for their email newsletter.  In my most recent one, I received coupons that included one for 20 free tokens.  They also have a new game online where you can play skeeball (one of those games I have always loved playing) and earn tickets to be redeemed when you visit next.  They even have rewards programs for kids where they can work towards earning 10 free tokens.  The rewards calendars are for every kind of good behavior from reading over the summer months to not picking your nose!

We’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese once for a friend’s birthday party, but I’ve stayed on their list just in case we ever decide to return.  Since it is a popular spot for children’s birthday parties, chances are the coupons will come in handy!

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