June 29, 2011

Tip of the day—Braiding Onions

I liked this tip from one of my favorite magazines, Organic Gardening.  Looks easy enough to do, and I might give it a try.  My dad has so many onions in his garden and isn’t using them very fast.  If I braided them and they were handy in his kitchen, maybe it would be easier.  I’m going to see how it works.  


  1. I have done this with our onions from the garden for several years now. I have found it works well! I also put them in old and clean pantyhose and hang in the pantry. Just cut the ones you need out as you need to use them. It has been the best way I have found to keep onions all year long! We usually use our last onions about the time it is time to plant them again (Late Feb, early March!).

  2. My mom used to put onions in old pantyhose, tie a knot, put another one in, etc. until she had a string of them hanging in the pantry. She would just cut them off as she needed them.