June 7, 2011

Tip of the day—Disney Souvenirs

mm Souvenirs can be an expensive part of any vacation…if you let them be.  Below are a few tips on souvenirs at Disney to help save you some money:

  • Give your children a limit on the money they have to spend on souvenirs.  Our daughter chose to use $50 out of the money that she raised for the trip, and we found that it was more than enough money.  She didn’t even use all of it and chose to save it for the trip home.  Some people choose to give their children Disney gift cards to make setting the limit a little easier. 
  • Pack your souvenirs.  I learned a trick a long time ago from a sweet friend who now lives in California, way too far away for us to sip on tea and chat like we once did.  Whenever she has a long trip, she packs a few small gifts for her child to open.  Sometimes they are handmade gifts, sometimes they are not.  The simple act of wrapping the gift is what makes it special, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated.  With this idea in mind, I started stocking up a few months before our trip.  She had 7 gifts to open, one for each day.  We had a free DVD we received from the Disney Movie Rewards program.  A free Tinkerbelle nightgown I had purchased with a $10/$10 JCPenney coupon was for another day.  Minnie Mouse ears, Ariel sunglasses, and a Minnie Mouse pj set were bought on super sale at the Disney Store online and were much less than they would have been in the parks.  I picked up a Mickey and Minnie shirt at JCPenney on sale for her to wear at the park one day.  I also packed some coloring books and workbooks for the return trip home.  We didn’t spend much money on the gifts, and her excitement each day quelled some of the “I wants” that might have otherwise built during the trip. 
  • Trade pins. Trading pins is all the rage at Disney.  Older kids in the preteen to young teen age seemed to get into this the most, and while we didn’t trade pins during this trip, we might in the future.  At most of the Disney park stores, when you make a purchase of a certain amount  ($40 or $50), they offer you an item at a discounted price.  When you buy $40 worth of goods, for instance, you can get a pin starter kit for only $14.99.  It comes with a lanyard and a set of basic Disney pins.  Now for the fun part!  If you see cast members or other park guests, you can walk up to them and offer to trade up to 2 pins at a time.  Mr. Bill, a senior aged gentlemen that we met when returning to our resort one evening, said that he and his wife trade pins so that they can bring home souvenirs for their grandchildren.  At the end of their trip, they have 7 pins that they have traded up for ones with a little more character and flare.  When they return home, they let each grandchild pick the pin that they want as their souvenir. 
  • Pick up the souvenirs that don’t cost anything.  I remember reading somewhere that a lady collected any of the extra paper napkins that servers would bring to their tables with the Disney logos on them.  Then when she returned home and she wanted to surprise her children, she would set the table with the Disney napkins.  I brought home a few, and the lady was right.  Our daughter was thrilled when we had PawPaw over and I set the table with those napkins.  “Look PawPaw, these are from Disneyworld!”  The same can be said for the extra shampoos and soaps that you receive in your resort hotel room.  We had friends who were going to Disney the week after us but staying in a condo.  I thought it would be fun to bring them some back that they could use at the condo to make it feel even more Disney-like.  The kids were tickled when they saw the Mickey soaps in the goody bag I dropped off to them, and it made me feel good to share them.
  • Share the souvenirs.  The same friends I mentioned above decided to purchase earrings as part of their souvenirs.  The mom and the two daughters all have their ears pierced and are sharing the jewelry.  By doing it this way, each of them has access to three or more new pair of earrings instead of just having one. 

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