June 10, 2011

Tip of the day—Disney World Parades

Parades at Disney can be a lot of fun, and if your schedule allows, I hope you’ll plan to visit more than one of them. Below are a few tips we picked up from cast members and fellow guests:

  • Watch your Times Guide for the times of the parades. Look at your park guide map for the parade routes. Plan your day accordingly.

  • Cast members will mark out the parade route with masking tape on the ground. Take note of that and plan to stake out a spot right at the line for the best view.

  • If it is hot outside, the first places to be taken are those in the shade. If it is important to you to be in the shade, arrive very early.

  • If your park has more than one parade during the day, they are usually different. We learned this on the second day of the Magic Kingdom when we saw the early parade and compared it to the one we had seen on our first day there that took place in the afternoon.

  • There is a show at the castle of the Magic Kingdom shortly before the afternoon parade. We sat and watched the show while enjoying ice cream. Then we turned around and picked a place to watch the parade. It was a perfect rest in the middle of our busiest day in the park.

  • Our favorite parade out of the three that we saw was the parade in the Animal Kingdom. AMAZING puppets and show!

  • On some nights there may not be a parade in the Magic Kingdom before the fireworks show. Consult your Times Guide and ask cast members for details. The night that we watched the fireworks there was not a parade and people who were sitting nearby talked about being disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for these guides. They are great. The only time I have been to Disney World is before my daughter was born. I am so looking forward to taking her when she is a little older. I remember that the parades were one of my favorite parts of the trip. They are so magical!