June 12, 2011

Tip of the day—Miscellaneous Disney Tips

CIMG3352 Today finishes up my series of Disney tips based on our recent trip to Orlando as a family.  In case you haven’t been able to tell, we had a fantastic time and hope to return in the future.  I hope that these tips have been helpful to you and your family, and if you have any additional tips, I hope you’ll include them in the comments section.  We have a few friends who are visiting Disney in the next few months, and as they have anything to add, I’ll post them under the Disney label on my blog. 

  • Pace yourself.  Take time to enjoy your hotel.  Take time to sit and relax.  Swim in the pool.  Relax in the hot tub.  Whenever I’m on vacation, I want to pack as much as I possibly can into every hour so that we don’t miss anything.  I have to remember that our 5 year old can’t keep up that pace and my husband would rather relax when he’s on vacation than run hither and yon. 
  • Fanny packs, while not especially fashionable, are handy.  I went to the Tote outlet in Sevierville and picked up a purse that crosses over my shoulder to my hip, and it was so nice to pack what few things we needed without having to lug a purse or backpack around.  We used a bag to carry our daughter’s autograph book for a few days, and while it wasn’t a trouble to do so, the days that we went without it made it easier to maneuver through crowds and hold hands. 
  • If you want towel animals (those little creatures that the most talented of housekeepers can make out of a few washcloths and hand towels) ask for A Special Touch.  We had the assumption that every guest would receive these and were very disappointed after the second day with no towel animal.  I tried to leave notes for the housekeepers, but apparently they didn’t know what I was asking for.  After a call to the front desk to inquire, I learned that these were not the norm and only certain housekeepers know how to do them.  By making the request, we received one and our daughter’s eyes lit up with pure joy at the sight. 
  • If you are traveling to Disney with a school, use some manners.  You are representing your school and how you act is a reflection on that school and yourself.  Note that I’m speaking to the chaperones!  Fridays near the end of the school year are big days at Disney.  Our last day in the park wasn’t quite as magical as a result.  Some schools were impressive in how they stayed as a group, used good manners, and seemed to have a fun time.  One group, though, cut in front of us in line (like about 10 kids) and then when we said something to the chaperones (not fussy, mind you) they were so unbelievably rude and huffy that it left me with a very bad impression of their school. 
  • Prepare yourself for the weather.  I think we went at the perfect time of the year—just before the true heat of summer hit and far enough away from spring to be comfortable.  The last day we were there it started to heat up, and I could see the importance of people planning ahead for the weather.  Wear sunscreen and bring a hat.  Note that the biggest place that I saw sunburn on others and the only place that I became sunburned was the scalp, usually where women and girls had their hair parted.  Pack a light shawl or jacket for cool mornings and evenings.  Have a plan for the rain.  If you visit at a cooler time of the year, plan to bring jackets and dress in layers.
  • At our resort, the pool had free life jackets for guests.  If your child isn’t a strong swimmer yet,  you might want to inquire about this freebie. 
  • Don’t plan to have time to wash clothes.  Hubby and I when planning what we would bring thought that we could always take the time to do a load of laundry if we needed to.  Yet, do you really want to take the time to wash clothes when on vacation?  This is another area where those in condos could come out ahead.  If we were to wash clothes, it would mean that we would have to watch the washer and dryer for approximately 1-1 1/2 hours.  Needless to say, we never washed any of our clothes in the resort laundry mat.  Our room had a dryer line that ran from one side of the top of the bath to the other.  In hindsight it would have been nice to bring a little bottle of detergent and washed a few things by hand in the sink and then put them on the dryer line for the day to dry. (I had packed those Purex sheets instead).

Any tips that you would like to share that I missed?  Please feel free to make notes in the comments section or e-mail me

Most importantly, have fun at Disney!  If your trip is anything like ours, it will be something that you cherish for years to come.  Take lots of photos and videos, hold hands, soak up the magic, and see the world through your child’s eyes for a while.  Enjoy!

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