June 18, 2011

Tip of the day—Pack your coupons

I can’t tell you how often having my coupons in the car with me saves me money.  I make sure I have the Knox County School Coupon book along with my coupon bag.  (Y’all, my couponing organization skills have dipped drastically over the last year, but at least the bag helps to keep them all in the same place! LOL!)  Whenever I make an unplanned trip to a drugstore, Target or the grocery, I have my coupons available if they are needed.  For instance, this week my dad hurt his foot.  He wasn’t able to go to the grocery for himself and when I went to check on him he asked for me to go instead.  I was glad to have my coupons with me because some of them matched to the list that he gave me. 

I also bring coupons with me when going out of town or on vacation.  When in Florida, we had to make an unexpected trip to Walgreens, and those coupons saved a little money off of our ticket.  Every little bit helps!

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