July 17, 2011

Cantaloupe with Prosciutto

DSC_5888I first had this appetizer at a dinner party, and my friend Colleen pulled out a platter of these and some honeydew that were stuffed with goat cheese.  It was at least 7 or 8 years ago, and I remember being so impressed at the flavor.  I don’t make these often because I don’t tend to keep prosciutto in the fridge, but they are perfect for a special treat every now and again.  This and a little salad can make a meal for Hubby and me, or you can serve them as a salad course, appetizer, or with the cheese course at a dinner party.   

While the cost of prosciutto can be high, you don’t need much of it.  A small pack at our Kroger costs $3.99 and is more than enough for a platter. 



Directions—Peel and cut the cantaloupe in chunks.  Take portions of the prosciutto and wrap the chunks.  If you like, you can use skewers or large toothpicks to help hold the prosciutto on the melon.  For a special touch, drizzle a little honey on the finished product and add a bit of herb for garnish.  If serving to adults, you can also grind some fresh pepper on top—kiddos don’t tend to like that as much. 

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