July 3, 2011

Tip of the day—Grow your own

DSC_5791 I’m sure I’ve added this tip to the blog many times before, but I have to say it again.  Start growing more fruits and vegetables at your home.  This week we’ve been enjoying our blueberry crop.  Every other day, our daughter and I have picked at least a pint or so, and there are plenty more waiting to ripen.  Thus far we haven’t preserved any of the crop because we have taken such delight in using them as part of our meals and snacks.  In the next year or so, if all things continue as they are now, I foresee that we will probably have enough from our home garden that we won’t need to buy from outside sources to make jam or have enough to freeze. 

As you are planning your landscape, consider adding plants, trees, and shrubs that offer something edible.  If you live in an apartment, I suggest that you start with something small like a pot or two of herbs.  If you have a small terrace as part of the apartment, you can expand and try cherry tomatoes or lettuces in the fall and early spring.  If your property is shaded or you don’t have enough room, you can look into renting a plot in a community garden.  And, if you swear that you don’t have a green thumb, I’ll give you my father as an argument.  For all of my life he swore that the gardening gene skipped a generation.  Now he has a small plot that Hubby and I helped him install.  His zucchini and cucumber production has far exceeded mine this year, and his garden looks better too! 

Happy Gardening!

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