July 15, 2011

Tip of the day—Make a chore a little more fun

Ironing was once the chore that I dreaded the most. All of the sudden, though, I have noticed that I iron almost every day now. Because I am doing it so much more often, I decided that I wanted to make it more of a delight. While not as tedious as it once was, I want to keep up the momentum going so that it doesn’t become a dread again.

When we were married, or maybe even before that, I bought this horrible ironing board cover at Walmart. I remember that it was the only option that they had at the time, and I thought that I would eventually buy another one. The thing has cats on it, and not cute cats either! Really, what do cats have to do with ironing?

After years of looking at the darn thing, which of course reinforced how much I dreaded ironing, I finally decided to invest in a new one. I looked a few times at a few different stores and finally found a crisp, colorful one at Target that makes me happy when I look at it. The price of the new cover was around $13 and worth every penny!

The lesson here is that one way to make a chore more enjoyable is to find a way to make even a small part of it more fun. If you dread washing dishes, crank up some music or listen to a favorite book on tape. If cleaning the bathrooms is the worst on your list, watch for cute scrubbers and gloves on sale. I can’t promise that it will work every time, but I sure to enjoy my new ironing board cover!


  1. Cats have this to do with ironing:

    *You will spend more time shoo'ing them away from the clothes basket than ironing. But don't be fooled. They don't want to sleep there. It is only the beginning of their plotting.

    *The minute you turn your back, they will perch themselves on your board, getting cat hair all over the clean clothes.

    *When you notice this behavior, you will scream at said kitty to get down. He/She will knock over your iron in the process of jumping (likely into the clothes basket) and spill ironing water all over your board.

    And lastly:
    *When you think kitty has had enough of you and you begin to relax, you will turn to hang up a completed item and kitty will dart between your legs causing you to stumble into the ironing board to break your fall and knocking the iron over onto your hand.

    You will again scream, this time in terror, while your kitty laughs at you from it's comfortable position (once again) in your laundry basket.

    The hideous cat cover was a warning.

  2. YOU ARE HILARIOUS! LOVE this comment! Laughing and laughing!